SALVEO: Latin; to be well, in good health, to restore to good health
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Registered with the General Chiropractic Council   Member of the Scottish Chiropractic Association


The Congleton Chiropractic Clinic concept is to provide complete spinal healthcare. Our chiropractor has accomplished that goal through many hours of continuing education, seminars and workshops.

Chiropractic care offers a natural approach in maintaining good health and prevention of disease. Chiropractic care is proven to be safe and effective and is tailored to each patient’s age, condition and spinal needs.

A healthy spine is the key to total body fitness. The mutual responsibility of our relationship with you is to help prevent health problems before they occur. The concept of prevention is inherent in every aspect of our clinic. Early detection and adjustment of spinal problems prevents them from becoming more serious with developing. Your chiropractor and you will determine an adjustment schedule depending on your individual need.

Our Clinic of Chiropractic takes very special care of the children who come to see us. Our chiropractor and staff are understanding, gentle, and ready to help your child. We encourage a positive attitude towards preventative chiropractic care.

Chiropractic works by identifying the underlying cause of pain and correcting it, thus providing a long-term solution. The body is a very adaptable structure and as such it has a remarkable capability to compensate for disease and dysfunction. Because of this, pain is often the last symptom to appear.


Our Vision

We are a respected Chiropractic clinic that has an international reputation for excellence in the field of spinal healthcare. We provide a welcoming tranquil haven that is clean, fresh, bright, warm, loving and full of life.

Our team and clients are healthy, vibrant, fun, energetic, motivated and happy. They have taken responsibility for their own health.

We assist our clients in pursuit of their health goals using safe and gentle techniques that aim to restore spinal functions.

We are creating a healthier community one spine at a time.

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Telephone: 01260 277882
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